Blog February 10, 2021
GlobalFEST Offering Pandemic-Assistance Grants

Coming up on a full-year of pandemic with—if we’re actually being honest—no end in sight, those who rely on big, public gatherings to make a living are obviously struggling. Performing artists who can’t perform, yes, but also the lean economy that surrounds them: their technicians, road managers and team members.

Having made their name helping up-and-coming artists, globalFEST is stepping in to offer something to people struggling today. The globalFEST Assist Fund will offer $500 grants to 35 artists and industry professionals. Applications are open now until March 1.

Details are on their site, and there are caveats, so read carefully: you need a connection to globalFEST or another globalFEST artist, a connection to the USA, and be able to demonstrate loss of income and financial hardship.

Given globalFEST's worldly scope, limiting it to American artists feels a little restrictive—though, from personal experience, we can attest that being a non-profit means your own money comes with strings attached. At any rate, there's definitely enough need in this country, so if you qualify, get after it! We can't wait to see you in person!

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