Blog December 3, 2022
Go, Africa! Fonce, Afrique! Oxlade and Juls Official Africa World Cup Song

World Cup brings memorable songs...and who can forget the pride we had in Africa hosting the World Cup South Africa in 2011... "Waka Waka" was an instant hit for Shakira. What a difference 10 years makes and we are at World Cup Qatar 2022, and everyone is writing their own official tribute song for Africa which is an age old tradition. Two to always watch are Oxlade, a Nigerian producer/singer/songwriter, who came to prominence with the song "Away," which appeared on Rolling Stone's 50 best songs of 2020, and was named the first Pandora Africa's Next Artist in July 2022 . His talented collaborator is British-Ghanaian Juls, who released this new single "1XBet," as an original African anthem for the World Cup 2022 Qatar. Go, Africa! Fonce, Afrique!

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