Blog November 17, 2015
Go to Europe, Save the People
[embed][/embed] map Even with a controversial, polarizing topic like the migrants traveling to Europe, Ghana’s M3nsa and Wanlov the Kubolor, a.k.a. the Fokn Bois, can pump some humor into their response. Ask either of these guys what’s happening at Europe’s borders and they will give you a very different perspective than you’ll hear elsewhere. Their satire begins, “The number of the needy in the European crisis has risen to 507 million and is still rising,” according to the latest information from the Africa-based Carry the Future Federation. Joined by fellow label mates from Ghana’s Pidgin Music imprint, as part of RescEU (Rescue Every Sovereign Country in the European Union), the tongue-in-cheek spoof turns the tables on the "We Are the World" cliche to rally their fellow Africans to “go to Europe, save the people.” walk 2 Aiming to provide this urgent humanitarian aid to a desperate Europe, RescEU breaks its mission into three pillars: Teach to Talk, Show to Share and Help to Love. These same pillars can actually be heard in the Fokn Bois’ latest musical composition in the video below. These agendas are aimed to help Europeans overcome societal pressures and technological barriers in order to educate them in the genuine face-to-face interactions that are valued in African culture. The volunteers will attempt to spread altruism and reintroduce humility, compassion and generosity into the impoverished lives of Europeans. Once communication and compassion are prevalent they can be combined to form strong relationships with one another once again. walk 1 Throughout this "campaign," a few specific goals have risen to the top of the RescEU agenda. Nanoff wants to teach the Europeans to laugh; Lady Jay laments the Europeans' constant attachment to their cellular phones. In 2014, RescEU sent 626,000 volunteers in support of their relief operations. However, RescEU volunteers from all over are currently prevented from entering the EU and the organization refuses to mince words about it. RescEU demands “Europe fling open its borders and embrace this new, visionary community. To swallow its pride and accept the help on offer.” It's a Saturday Night Live skit waiting to happen. [embed][/embed]

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