Blog January 20, 2021
Graveola’s Luiz Gabriel Lopes Releases Beatles-Esque “Vênus”

Luiz Gabriel Lopes, an original member of the Brazilian post-Tropicalia group Graveola, is striking out on his own, and his first single is a tender, very latter-day Beatles-sounding piano ballad, titled “Vênus.”

Lopes hails from Minas Gerais, inland from Brazil’s other major cultural hubs of Rio, São Paulo and Bahia, but with a storied musical history of its own that includes Milton Nascimento and Club da Esquina, as well as thriving rap, reggae, and indie rock scenes today.

Lopes' previous band Graveola was itself part of a generation of bands that were heirs to the culture-mashing Tropicalia movement of the ‘60s, and his previous releases under his own name are delightful, thanks to their leaps between genres and styles. So, even if it’s no surprise that Lopes would cook up such a classic-feeling melody for “Vênus” that nevertheless remains implacable, it’s a treat to hear. But at two minutes, we’re hungry for more, and keeping an eye out for the rest of the Sois EP to come out on Da Lata Music.

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