Blog May 13, 2020
Hear the Moonchild Sanelly Song South African Radio Stations Won't Play

Sir Mix-a-lot announced to the world 28 years ago that he liked big butts and could not lie about it and it seems like the world has long since made peace with that fact. But a verse from South African rapper Moonchild Sanelly encouraging women to love their own bodies—big butts, big thighs and everything otherwise—has lead several South African radio stations to take the song “Askies” out of rotation for reportedly being “too explicit.”

We, on the other hand, are not South African radio, so let's give it a listen:

There isn't an official video for the track yet, so I went with this one of people adding their own dance moves, since “Askies” is spreading on social media with the hashtag “thunderthighschallenge,” and also its objectively more fun than just a still of the single cover.

Moonchild Sanelly isn't taking this lying down; she's taking to social media, asking the stations “How many women are objectified by men in songs and you play them on radio?"

I think the answer to her opening question is “so many that we don't even give it a second thought when we hear it.” Is there any answer to her other questions apart from “patriarchy”?

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