Blog November 13, 2015
Help DJ Spoko Recover and Spread TB Awareness
DJ Spoko, the visionary South African producer who introduced us to Bacardi house and “taxi music” for gangsters, recently spent three weeks at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland, receiving treatment for tuberculosis. Amazingly, during that time he  managed to record a new EP, Special Edition, from his hospital bed. That album is out today and by purchasing it, you will be donating to the Spoko Foundation, which he has set up to promote tuberculosis awareness in South African townships.  DJs Auntie Flo and Esa of Highlife World Series are also auctioning a rare Kenyan pressing of the 1983 album In the Music the Village Never Ends from Letta Mbulu tomorrow at the Chimurenga pop-up library project in the Showroom Gallery in London. The proceeds will go to Spoko’s return trip to South Africa and the aftercare he needs when he returns, as well as helping to raise consciousness about tuberculosis. Those not in London can also donate to Spoko’s recovery by purchasing the Highlife World Series on Bandcamp. Check out our interview with Spoko here and our podcast “Ghost Man: DJ Spoko’s Bacardi House.” We hope that DJ Spoko is back to full health soon! Please consider donating to help a great artist in need.

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