Blog June 24, 2011
Hip Deep in Egypt: Inanities
One of our close connections on the ground in Egypt recently directed us to a blog called   Inanities run by Sarah Carr, a half-Egyptian currently living in the country. There is not much information on Carr out there while the humble, but accurate description of her blog simply states: “I write about mostly stuff in Egypt.”

Her chronicled experiences with Egyptian music, culture, and politics are definitely worth reading but one particular recent post really caught our attention. Carr heard a new artist that goes by Amr 7a7a who approaches Egyptian pop music from a hard-edged, hip hop vein. After some back and forth, 7a7a invited her to a Egyptian wedding that he was performing at. As exhibited, Carr had a lively and unique experience.

(Left to Right: Sadat, 7a7a, Figo (photo by Sarah Carr)

We encourage you to read more about it on her blog..

Discovering artists just like Amr 7a7a is one of our main priorities in our forthcoming Hip Deep Egypt trip that Afropop will be embarking on beginning in late July. To read more about our trip and how you can help us bring back a truly unique, 4-part radio documentary that explores Egypt’s thriving music scene, click HERE.

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