Blog June 15, 2011
Jazz in Africa, Artist Spotlight: Kora Jazz Trio
Leading up to our new show Jazz In Africa, which focuses on how Afro-America’s revolutionary sound reshaped African music, we will be periodically posting some cool tracks and background info on a few of the bands and artists that will be featured on the show. 

In our second Jazz In Africa feature, we meet The Kora Jazz Trio, a French group made up of Moussa Sissokho on percussion, Abdoulaye Diabate on piano, and Djeli Moussa Diawara on kora. Hailing from Senegal, Mali, and Guinea respectively, they beautifully exemplify what happens when America’s own African-influenced music, jazz, gets taken back into the hands of African musicians. As you can tell from the video below, they play an American Jazz style but with serious Griot influences and West African instrumentation.


You’ll be hearing more music from this amazing trio in our upcoming Jazz In Africa show.

Contributed by Henry Molofsky

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