Videos January 5, 2018
Kabiru Abbas, “God Bless America”

Last year in Kano, Nigeria, we met a number of talented Hausa rappers eager to be heard and seen beyond their immediate world. Among those was Kabiru Abbas. As we reported in our program Hip Deep in Northern Nigeria, many of those have received support and encouragement from an unlikely source, esteemed professor of Science Education and Mass Communication Abdalla Uba Adamu. Perhaps equally surprising from this largely conservative Muslim enclave is this love song to the United States that Kabiru Abbas recently sent us.

“God Bless America” is a full-throated Hausa hip-hop embrace of all things American. Note that the image just before Donald Trump near the start of the clip is Professor Adamu, an odd and fascinating juxtaposition. Kabiru says he wants the world, and especially Americans, to see this video to know how Kano rappers like him admire the U.S.. We are happy to oblige, and note that this is an exclusive, unlisted on YouTube. Comments welcome!

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