Blog June 2, 2017
Kano Mixtape
Here’s a mixtape of nanaye and Hausa hip-hop music from Kano, just a taste of the volumes we’re still absorbing months after our visit. If you like what you hear and want more, let us know. We’ll make more mixtapes of this hard-to-find music. Tracks in this mixtape: BASAJA GIDAN YARI, Husain Danko HAMIDA, Jamilu Roja SHANTU, Yakubu Adamu Abdullahi SALO, Rabiu Dalle GAJIMARE, Jamila Ahmad KOROSO DRUMMING on Zoo Road (Afropop Worldwide) NASIRU GARBA SUPA (Afropop Worldwide) CHI DA ZUCI, Dr. Pure GANGA, X-Boys CHANGE, Lil Tea BABA YA HAU, Nazir M Ahmed

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