Blog December 11, 2014
Kenya Mambo Poa: Live from the 2014 Smithsonian Folklife Festival

In this podcast, veteran producer Marika Partridge takes the APWW microphone to the National Mall to record music and stories representing the 42 tribes of Kenya. Kenya and China were featured at the festival. We'll hear the latest from Ayub Ogada, Eric Wainaina, John Nzenze, Winyo and other Kenyan music stars.

Photos from the Event 

Partridge 1

John Nzenze- Kenya’s king of the twist - now in his 70s - after 50 + years in the music business in Kenya

Partridge 2

Gargar - A women’s group from Garissa, Kenya, on the border with Somalia - the latest and greatest of women’s music from East Africa

Partridge 3

Musiamo - Kikuyu guitarist, backing up singer Linda Muthama at Smithsonian Folklife Festival 2014

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