Videos May 8, 2014
Kuduro Diva Titica Drops "Mãe"

Titica has become one of the most successful and beloved divas of kuduro against great odds. She is the first popular transgender singer in Angola, a country where homosexuality is illegal. Titica, who trained in ballet, began her career as a backup dancer before breaking out as a star in her own right with the hit single, “Chão Chão” in 2011. Since then she has been honored with the Kuduro Revelation award by Luanda’s Radio Escola and become a National Goodwill Ambassador from Angola for UNAIDS, while putting out single after single of some of the best kuduro out there.

In her new track “Mãe,” Titica directs listeners to tear up the dance floor, backed by an explosive rhythm, harmonious guitar playing, and ebullient singing from Edmásia. The video begins with Titica flipping her hair back and carrying herself with effortless diva swagger. There is much dancing, of course, twerking, for sure, and even a short-lived fight that breaks out between backup dancers, though that hardly breaks the cheerful mood of the song. There are few more joyful ways to spend four and a half minutes than by watching this. Check it out below:

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