Videos July 12, 2013
La Yegros - Viene de Mi
It's no secret that we have mad love for ZZK Records. The Argentinean record label/party/bass-centered worldview (not to mention systematic purvayors of a particularly twisted form of electro-cumbia) have hit our blog a couple times this year- once for Chancha Via Circuito's EP Semillas and then again for Amadou & Mariam's Mali Meets Latin America. This winning streak is continued with the new release from La Yegros, first female artist from ZZK to release a full length album. Her album Viene de Mi was released last month, while the  title track was featured on a ZZK Records compilation album "Future Sounds of Buenos Aires" last year. Oh, and did we mention that she's awesome? Like seriously, seriously awesome? No? Well- if you don't want to just accept the statement, we would like to invite you to watch the music video for Viene de Mi. Between the catchy background guitar riff, La Yegros's unique and beautiful voice, the full vocal harmonies that kick in at the chorus,and  the bandoneón solo at the end of the song, it's hard to not be entranced. However, even if the song weren't enough to catch your attention, the video certainly would be. It begins with the singer bursting forth from drywall, and then features her poking out of the wall in various costumes while a background draws itself behind her in a series of ever changing, psychedelic swirls, for an effect like Harold's purple crayon on some seriously strong blotters. While this song  is certainly influenced by cumbia, it's catchy and well-played enough to ensnare both the genre's fanatics and those who have never heard of it before. AND, Be sure to check out her album, also entitled "Viene de Mi," as well. Other standout tracks include "Cariño" and "Que Me Hizo Mal."

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