Blog July 2, 2012
Mbalax, Pape Diouf Style
Pape Diouf is back with a new single and we are digging it. Formerly of the group Lemzo Diamono, Senegalese superstar Pape Diouf became the leader of his own band, Pape Diouf & La Generation Consciente who have spent nearly the past decade tearing up the mbalax scene in Dakar. Coming from a family of griots, Pape Diouf, imitates the traditional style of international superstar and his idol, Youssou N'Dour whome he feels proud of to be able to take after while creating his own sound. Like many popular Senegalese artists, Pape Diouf is all about mixing traditional dance and elements of pop while singing about traditional Senegalese values like the importance of family and religion. His most recent hit "Bégué" has all the young Senegalese kids groovin' to old mbalax beats with a new twist. His previous single "Casse Casse" is another excellent track where even if you do not speak wolof, its easy to yell out repeated phrases like "casse casse" while you are cutting a rug on the dance floor. Enjoy

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