Blog August 13, 2023
Mdou Moctar's Central Park Stand for Niger

We all recently saw Mdou Moctar and his band from Niger deliver a blistering set of Tuareg rock at Capital One City Parks Foundation SummerStage in Central Park. There were some 4,000 in the audience, many of whom had never seen Moctar, or any Tuareg rock, live. But they were up on their feet and enjoying themselves mightily. From the stage, Mdou Moctar lamented the military coup on July 26th in Niger that removed the democratically elected president Mohamed Bazoum from power in the most regionally consequential coup in Africa in recent memory. Mdou and his bandmates apparently do not feel safe in returning home in these uncertain times. Friends of Mdou have set up a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the costs of Moctar and bandmates in exile and to help their extended families back home who depend on him and his players.

Read Sean Barlow´s summary of the crisis and Donate Here

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