Charts June 12, 2019
Meet Georges, Banning, Sean and ALIA Prod at "Visioning," Choconut Lake, PA July 17-23

ALIA Prod and Afropop invite you to join us for a relaxing and restorative week in the woods of northeast Pennsylvania (not far from Binghamton, NY), on the shores of Choconut Lake. Fresh air, space in nature, swimming in a spring-fed lake: This is the perfect retreat whether you are just interested in escaping the city, want to explore the cultural opportunities at the nearby Fingerlakes Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance (, or are seeking quiet time to reflect and explore your own artistic inclinations on site.

Performing 6 p.m. on Saturday, July 20 at the Grassroots Festival

Sunday, July 21 through Tuesday, July 23, international guests BKO Quintet from Mali will be in residence. Its "downtime" for them while touring in North America, but it is possible to ask about individual lessons on the djembe, or ngoni if you happen to have one of those. Feel free to bring your own instrument, jam sessions are welcome.

The "campus" consists of 11 cabins and one studio space, a dining hall, the fieldstone "Alumni End" community space, the Chocodome (gymnasium-sized indoor athletics/yoga space), outdoor grill, and a number of playing fields for outdoor sports activities.

Cost is based on $300 per adult for the week (six nights). This covers room and board (so long as at least 40 people sign up). Children are welcome, and we will attempt to find a reasonable reduced rate for them*, but ultimately there are a limited number of beds (57), so certain costs do need to be met based on bed occupancy.

This fee does not cover individual activities such as master classes with musicians, yoga classes (we are still finalizing a yoga instructor), or admission to the Grassroots Festival. The fee does cover a standard insurance policy for the use of the camp facilities; it will be mandatory to sign a waiver for use of the waterfront (we will not have a lifeguard). Children will not be allowed to go to the waterfront without a parent or other adult supervision approved by their parents.

Cabins can accommodate between two to eight people; two cabins, Poise ‘n Ivy easily functions as dormitory-style cabins for those traveling solo. Other cabins may well need to be shared, so it's ideal to come with family/friends. Shared bathroom cabins (the Rose Room and the Blue Room) are equipped with toilets, sinks and showers; they are definitely rustic (i.e., plumbing fixtures date to the 1950s). A brochure with more photos will be sent upon request, and once serious commitments received (i.e., we will need a 50 percent deposit no later than June 14; balance due upon arrival). We will send a list of what to bring and more detailed information on what to expect vis-a-vis accommodations, food, swimming and boating rules, wild animals, bugs, code of behavior. We definitely expect everyone to bring an open mind and positive attitude.

If interested please email, and let us know level of interest and how many are in your party. We can accommodate up to about 57 people in the cabins (think rustic, i.e., minimal electricity, no AC; minimal internet); additional yet limited availability for camping also possible--ask for details.

Alison Loerke, ALIA Prod: 206-525-2425

*Please speak with Alison Loerke directly if there are children in your party. For these purposes anyone under the age of 12 will be considered a child.


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