Blog May 3, 2017
Mixes from the Road: Music of Haiti, Chile and Dominican Republic
Afropop producer Morgan Greenstreet has been all around the world this year. First in Nigeria for fieldwork and research for our current Hip Deep season and now in South America and the Caribbean on tour as a drummer with his band Karikatura. The roots-pop band is based in New York, NY and was accepted into the 2016-17 American Music Abroad “American Voices” program which is designed to "communicate America's rich musical contributions to the global music scene as it fosters cross-cultural communication and people-to-people connection to global audiences." Beginning April 7, the band has performed in Chile, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Mexico, and will conclude on May 5 in Panama. In between performing and recording, Morgan picked up hard-hitting music from the tour and created mixes from Haiti and Chile for our own sonic adventure. Here is "Bon Bagay!" In this mix, tune into the radio in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti for konpa, carnival jams, mizik rasin, rara, reggae, gospel and some exciting advertisement jingles. Next is ¡El Weonaje! from Chile with a note from Morgan: This mix is my effort to dig into the vastness of Chilean music, based on recommendations and chance encounters during a week in Chile with Karikatura in April 2017. Wide-ranging, inconclusive, not representative of anything except my taste. Morgan just dropped "¿Que Lo Que Dominicano?" heavy on Afro-Dominican roots and pop music, from sarandunga and gaga to trap and electro, salve, prí-prí, jazz and of course merengue and bachata.   Enjoy these mixes and follow Morgan Greenstreet on Soundcloud for more worldly mixes.

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