January 27, 2023
Natu Camara Re-connects Guinea Back To the Ancestors

''M'Bembe'' is a call for awareness of what is necessary for Guinea, for reconciliation, and also a call for unity, a call for peace..." --Natu Camara

PHOTO ABOVE: Under a full moon and the sprawling branches of a tree, Natu is joined by a group of young female musicians who perform a powerful anthem in the name of the ancestors for harmony and peace.

In her latest video/single "M’Bembé," singer/songwriter Natu Camara calls for national unity and cohesion in her home country: Guinea. The video was produced in partnership with a branch of the U.N. (U.N.D.P.) and was officially launched in Conakry on January 9th. The press conference was attended by journalists, representatives of national radio, and television stations.

''M'Bembe,'' produced by NTG Guinea with audio recorded by Koudou Atanas, is a 100 percent Guinean production, sponsored by the U.N.D.P. Natu Camara is promoting world peace through Guinean culture around the world and calling on her ancestors for reconciliation.

Ms Camara commented: ''M'Bembe'' is a call for awareness of what Guinea needs for reconciliation, and also a call for unity, a call for peace. As you may know, Guinea is a very beautiful country that has a lot to give, a country that needs to work together a lot. So this video was made with the aim of raising awareness.

This song calls for leaders to work together. Created with a lot of love in just one day, it was made by young Guineans, from the clothing to the instruments, and the production.

It is with pride today that we present this project and again a big thank you to the U.N.D.P. who believed in this song project and supported it.

The U.N.D.P. has for some time been committed alongside partners from the world of culture to support the cultural sector in general in capacity building, equipment, promotion for the influence of Guinea." said Natu.

The U.D.P. Representative, Mr. Luc J. Grégoire, was present at this official launch and had this to say:

“We are lucky to have Natu Camara who is a perfectly accomplished artist who promotes Guinea in New York with the United Nations, on the continent and in the world. Natu Camara launches today its clip which is a song which, naturally values ​​the Guinean cultural heritage, which illustrates it and which also allows to carry a very strong message in terms of promotion of peace, social cohesion, better values. I believe that she also brings us a lot because she also makes the U.N.D.P. shine with initiatives in favor of equality, in favor of women, the promotion of Guinean culture and the world of the media. We salute this work and the success it is achieving on the international level."

In the video Natu gives visibility to local content including Guinean textiles, dance, musical instruments from the region including the balafon, the tamtam, the pastoral flute, the calabash, whistle, and many more. All the orchestration in the song was composed by Fatoumata Kouyaté (Djely Guinè) and her children. Pride in local language and dialect for the song are in Soussou and Malinké with French to broaden its message outside the borders of Guinea. The song is a praise poem in the tradition of Djely Guinè and a tribute to Samory Touré, Alpha Yaya Diallo, Soundiata Keita, Boubacar Biro Barry, Dina Salif Camara, Zegnela Togba, M'balia Camara and Mafory Bangoura.

Follow her story and check out Natu´s blog here.

Natu Camara
Natu Camara

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