Videos October 27, 2014
Alsarah and the Nubatones: New Video and Remixed Album
Proving once again she has miles of style to go with all her talent, the Sudanese singer Alsarah has released a new video from her debut album Habibi Taal. We're big fans of the way she puts a contemporary twist on retro Nubian pop, while also incorporating traditional music of central Sudan. It's a beautiful synthesis of decades of East African music, with plenty of original material and innovation. The song "Habibi Taal" (meaning "Come here, my love") comes from the Sudanese tradition of women's music, performed at weddings and other social gatherings, which historically has provided a rare public outlet for female voices. It's a simple, flirty love song, with a laid-back beat that will have dancing in your office chair until your co-workers start giving you funny looks. Also new this week is a remix of the Nubatones' debut album Silt. Very much in keeping with Alsarah's embrace of fusion, cultural exchange and reinterpretation, Silt Remixed brings in a range of different producers to put their own spin on the tracks. Personal favorites include Spy from Cairo's dancehall flavored version of "Nuba Noutou" and DJ Jeff's remix of "Yanas Barbidou," which brings in the deep house scene in Angola.

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