Videos July 20, 2016
New Delasi Release: "Amedeke Menyao"
Delasi is a Ghanaian-born, Nairobi-based rapper, whose 2015 debut #ThoughtJourney explored, among other themes, the continued relevance of pan-African unity and solidarity in the 21st century. Check out the video for his latest single, “Amedeke Menyao" (Nobody Knows), below! A brooding, dubstep-infused lament on personal struggles, the track features rapping and singing in English and—most notably—Ewe, a minority language spoken by over 3.5 million people in southeastern Ghana and southern Togo. It features production from, and a cameo appearance by, Lee Bass, the Düsseldorf-based beatsmith and one-half of the German-Mozambican Afro-bass duo Gato Preto.

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