Features October 14, 2009
New Orleans Music in the Early Days of Recording

Photos and captions supplied by Lynn Abbott, Assistant Curator, Hogan Jazz Archive, Tulane University.

1. Piron’s New Orleans Orchestra at Maison Blanche Department Store, circa 1921 (l to r): Bill Matthews, drums; Peter Bocage, trombone; Willie Edwards, trumpet; Steve Lewis, piano; Louis Warnick, clarinet; A. J. Piron, violin.
2. Piron’s New Orleans Orchestra, circa 1923 (l to r): Louis Cottrell, drums; Peter Bocage, cornet; Johnny Lindsey, trombone; Lorenzo Tio, Jr., saxophone and clarinet; Louis Warnick, saxophone; Clarence Ysaguirre, sousaphone; Charlie Bocage, banjo; Steve Lewis, piano; A. J. Piron, violin. 3. Original 1924 78rpm Okeh label pressing of “Sing On” by the “Original Valentin Choral Club Quintette.” 4. The Sam Morgan Jazz Band, circa 1927 (l to r): Nolan “Shine” Williams, drums; Isaiah Morgan, trumpet; Jim Robinson, trombone; Sam Morgan, trumpet; Earle Fouché, saxophone; Andrew Morgan, saxophone; Sidney Brown, string bass; Johnny Dave, banjo.

5. Newspaper advertisement for the “Original Valentin Choral Club Quintette” recording of “Sing On,”Chicago Defender, May 24, 1924.

6. Newspaper advertisement for the Sam Morgan Jazz Band recording of “Sing On,” Chicago Defender,June 25, 1927. 7. Eureka Brass Band in Masonic parade, corner of Dryades and Philip streets, summer 1952 (photo by William Russell). 8. Eureka Brass Band at Young Men Olympians funeral, 1958 (l to r): Andy Anderson, trumpet; Robert “Son Fewclothes” Lewis, bass drum (photo by Ralston Crawford). 9. Eureka Brass Band on parade, 1956 (l to r): Willie Pajaud, trumpet; Cie Frazier, snare drum; Robert Lewis, bass drum; Manuel Paul, tenor saxophone; Harold Dejan, alto saxophone (photo by Ralston Crawford).

10. Cover of original 1951 Pax LP issue of Eureka Brass Band featuring “Sing On.”

11. Lee Collins, possibly pre-1920

12. Sidney Arodin (far left) with (l to r) Wingy Mannone, George Brunies, and Bobby Laine, circa 1930. 13. The Original Tuxedo Orchestra, circa 1930 (l to r): Bill Matthews, trombone; Henry C. “Kildee” Holloway, trumpet; Oscar “Papa” Celestin, trumpet; Herman Franklin or Cecil Thornton; Meyer Kennedy, saxophone; Joseph Laurence; Clarence Hall, clarinet and saxophone; Oliver Alcorn, clarinet and saxophone; Louis Barbarin, drums; John Porter, bass; Jeanette Kimball, piano; Narvin Kimball, banjo. 14. The Original Tuxedo Orchestra, circa 1928 (l to r): Bill Matthews, trombone; Christopher “Black Happy” Goldston, drums; Oscar “Papa” Celestin; Guy Kelly, trumpet; Joseph Laurence, ukulele; Jeanette Salvant (Kimball), piano; Simon Marrero, tuba and string bass; Clarence Hall, clarinet and saxophone; Joe Rouzan, clarinet and saxophone; Robert Hall, clarinet and saxophone.

15. 16. and 17. Early photographs of Mardi Gras Indians are quite rare. These three representative snapshots are from the late 1950s.

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