Blog April 6, 2015
New Terakaft Single: "Tafouk Tele"
Terakaft is one of the many Tuareg guitar (or ishumar) bands formed in the footsteps of the great Tinariwen. The connection for Terakaft is particularly strong, as Diara, the band’s eldest guitarist and bandleader, was an original member of Tinariwen. According to legend/press release (sometimes interchangeable when it comes to Tuareg music), Diara was stuck on his way to Bamako, just as Tinariwen was about to achieve international stardom, and his place in the band was taken by another musician. Together with his nephew and fellow guitarist, Sanou, Diara struck out on his own to form Terakaft. Glitterbeat/Outhere Records is now set to release their fifth album, titled Alone (Ténéré). This latest album was produced by Justin Adams, a British guitarist whose fascinating career trajectory has ranged from working with post-punk legend Jah Wobble (of Public Image Limited) to Gambian griot Juldeh Camara, Kabyle singer/songwriter Iness Mezel, Robert Plant and, most significantly for Terakaft, Tinariwen. Adams produced Tinariwen’s international debut, Radio Tisdas Sessions, as well as the band's third record, Aman Iman: Water Is Life. The debut single from Alone, “Tafouk Tele” has a deep, echoing charge to it, filled with hand claps, and of course, incredible guitar playing. If you’re curious, we recently produced a show, “Accounting For Taste” that examines the origins of the Tuareg guitar sound and you can read more about that story in a post written by Afropop producer Sam Backer for Africa Is A Country. Check out the track below and stay tuned for more Terakaft to come!

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