Blog September 3, 2021
Nigeria’s Jojoftheejungle Hits Us With "Call Me (Omo'kpe)"

Leading the way with his voice over minimalist production, Nigerian newcomer Jojoftheejungle is releasing the first single from his debut EP today. Hear “Call Me (Omo'kpe)” from The Red Line EP right here:

There’s a lush, syrupy quality that suffuses a lot of Afrobeats, but J.O.J eschews broad synth washes and puts the pressure on his vocals, which are front, center, and—in vocodor-affected harmony with itself—left to dish up the hooks. It's a promising peek at an album featuring production from Major Lazer's Jillionaire, Beatsbymayor, and Craybeats, as well as J.O.J. himself.

“The tracks on the EP talk about my personal experiences on the streets of Lagos” the artist stated via press release. “I’m sure a lot of people go through them daily. Although it’s for everyone, the EP is especially dedicated to those who have gone through a lot of emotional roller coasters, and are still fighting. The Red Line is hope.”

The full The Red Line EP drops Oct. 8, and can be preordered (or presaved) from Batakari Music right now.

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