Reviews April 30, 2013

Nomad, the latest album by the Tuareg guitarist Bombino, is by far the best thing that we have heard from him so far. It's confident and exciting, reflecting a band fully at home its own skin, and ready to share it's simmering power with the wider world. It's also, in terms of the actual music contained by its 11 tracks, really very similar in to the two Bombino albums that have come before it. Which brings us= to what is certainly the defining fact of the album, namely that it was produced by Black Key's guitarist Dan Auerbach in his Tennessee Studio.

Auerbach, who has proven himself more than able in his production work with luminaries like Dr. John (not to mention his highly group the Black Keys), works undeniable magic here.  From the echoing squeal of fingers on amplified strings that opens the album to the final twilight shimmer that closes it, Nomad presents its listeners with an immersive, full bodied soundworld, a full bodied

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