Blog October 28, 2022
Nyege Nyege Festival 2022 Uganda

An article in this past Sunday's New York Times leads with "Despite being called "immoral" by some politicians, this year's Nyege Nyege festival celebrated diversity and innovation in contemporary African music."

Uganda's Nyege Nyege festival is East Africa's largest electronic underground music festival. Now in its sixth year, the latest Nyege Nyege festival in September attracted some 15,000 African and European visitors.

But not without controversy triggered by dangerously homophobic members of Uganda's socially conservative Parliament. Festival presenters had to promise government officials there would be no drugs, no nudity. That wary impression of the festival is reflected in the translation of Nyege Nyege which is "horny, horny."

To find out more details on who performed and to read interviews with the artists and the festival's founders, see the full article in the New York Times

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