Reviews October 11, 2023
Old Soul

As a producer, Stephen Marley has ranged from hip-hop and rock to mainstream pop, but the style is more like reggae-infused acoustic rock here. Hand drums and strummed acoustic guitars are mainstays in the music, giving Marley’s voice center stage. He inherits his father’s gift for inhabiting a melody, giving it his all, whether cooing or, as it were, wailing. Among those vocal colors are some that are heart-stoppingly reminiscent of Bob. This is a deeply personal album, showcased in the soulfully autobiographical title song. Four other songwriters share the credit with Marley on “Old Soul,” and they’ve done their job well. The refrain. “I’m an old soul, living in the body of a nine-year-old” punches straight to the heart. Marley’s tribute to “the ones who made it all possible” is sweet and strong, perhaps the most affecting song I’ve heard this year.

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