Blog April 9, 2012
Petition to save Chicago's "Music Without Borders"
For years, Chicago's "Music Without Borders" series has presented exceptional world music for free in Millennium Park. This has been a crucial venue for many of our favorite African acts, from beloved stars like Mali's Oumou Sangare to the king of Egyptian sha'bi Hakim. Hakim's show is an example of a presentation seen almost nowhere else in the country, evidence of this venue's uniqueness. Another example, the superb Sudan Festival of Music and Dance, covered in Chicago by Afropop Worldwide in 2008. The bad news is that "Music Without Borders" has been cancelled by the city. There is a petition drive to save this one-of-a-kind showcase, which has done so much to support the music we love. Add your voice to this petition to save an exceptional music series.
Oumou Sangare
The Petition: We want "Music Without Borders" to be continued by the City of Chicago at Millennium Park and other city venues such as the Chicago Cultural Center. The city has cancelled this fabulous series showcasing non-commercial & traditional music from around the world. This is a call to action for fans! Anyone can add friends--all ideas, info & support welcomed! Gail Dee is group admin. The petition is here and please share our message!

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