Blog February 12, 2016
Photo Essay: Inna Modja Makes U.S. Debut at NYC's Standard Hotel
Malian singer Inna Modja made her American debut on Feb. 9 at the swanky penthouse suite of the Standard Hotel East in New York. Modja is an outspoken activist against female genital mutilation and uses her platform to speak on behalf of the rights of women and girls in Mali and Africa. Her latest music video, "Tombouctou," from her latest album Motel Bamako, touches on the vulnerability of women and girls during times of war, and how they are easy targets in North Mali. [embed][/embed] Check out some photos from her show at the Standard. All photos by Atane Ofiaja. _DSC4128 _DSC4158 _DSC4179 _DSC4183 _DSC4195 _DSC4197 _DSC4200 _DSC4203 _DSC4214 _DSC4216 _DSC4217 _DSC4244

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