Blog December 26, 2017
Playlist: The (New) Sound of Afro-Paris

This week’s show takes us on a trip through some of the latest offerings in Paris’s thriving multicultural African music scene. We put together a playlist of the songs featured on the show along with plenty more from the artists we featured. Hear all of these songs on Spotify...

...or listen through the links below!

Blick Bassy - “Aké”

Cameroonian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Blick Bassy sings in his mother tongue, Bassa, on the Delta blues-inspired “Aké.”

Tony Allen - “Cruisin’” 

Legendary Paris-based drummer and Afrobeat co-creator Tony Allen navigates between Afrobeat and post-bop.

Tony Allen - “Home Cookin’”

Tony Allen - “Moanin’”

Tony Allen pays tribute to legendary jazz drummer Art Blakey on this album. “Moanin’” was first recorded by Blakey’s band, the Jazz Messengers, in 1958. 

Sofiane Saidi - “Taali”

Taken from Parisian-Algerian raï singer Sofiane Saidi’s 2015 album, El Mordjane.

Smadj - “Cham3a” with Sofiane Saidi

Sofiane Saidi sings with Tunisian-French oud player Smadj.

Acid Arab - “La Hafla” with Sofiane Saidi

Sofiane Saidi features with Parisian electronic music duo Acid Arab.

Krystle Warren - “If My Memory Serves Me Well” 

Taken from Kansas City-born, Paris based singer-songwriter Krystle Warren’s latest album. We heard a live version of this song on the show performed by Noirlac (Krystle Warren alongside vibraphone/balafon duo Kouyaté-Neerman and contemporary classical choir Sequenza 9.3).

Kouyaté-Neerman - “Réquiem Pour un Con” 

Lansiné Kouyaté and David Neerman perform their balafon/vibraphone take of a Serge Gainsbourg classic.

Kouyaté-Neerman - “Diétou”

Noirlac - “Us and Them”

A live version of Noirlac performing Pink Floyd’s classic “Us and Them.”

Midnight Ravers - “Diarabi”

From the debut album by Midnight Ravers, a transcontinental, digitally fueled collaboration between French and Malian musicians.

Midnight Ravers - “Dabora” with Supreme Talent Show (Spoek Mothambo Remix)

Midnight Ravers remixed by South African electronic producer Spoek Mothambo.

Salif Keïta - “Wamba”

A throwback to the '80s when Malian musician Salif Keïta was based in Paris.

Ballaké Sissoko - “Badjourou”

A solo piece by Malian kora player Ballaké Sissoko.

Ballaké Sissoko-Vincent Ségal - “Future

A collaboration between Sissoko and innovate French cellist Vincent Ségal.

Ayo - “Paname”

Nigerian-German singer Ayo sings in homage to the city of Paris, also known as “Paname.”

Hindi Zahra - “Imik Si Mik”

Taken from Franco-Moroccan singer and actress Hindi Zahra’s 2010 album, Handmade.

Rockin' Squat and Cheick Tidiane Seck - “Ba Mana Live” (Live)

French MC Rockin’ Squat from the famous rap group Assasin live with Malian musician Cheick Tidiane Seck.

3MA - “Rania”

The sound of plucked strings from Mali, Madagascar and Morocco brought together.

Noura Mint Seymali - “Arbina”

The title track from Mauritania griot Noura Mint Seymali’s latest album. 

Naïssam Jalal and Rhythms of Resistance - “Dar Beida”

Franco-Syrian flute player Naïssam Jalal performing her composition with her band, Rhythms of Resistance. We hear her live on the program performing with Noura Mint Seymali.

Débruit and Alsarah - “Jibal Alnuba” 

Sudanese singer Alsarah with French electronic producer Débruit.

Alsarah and the Nubatones - “Habibi Taal”

Alsarah performing her take on an Arab classic with her Brooklyn-based band, the Nubatones.

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