Videos September 18, 2023
PRX's Afropop Worldwide Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

Produced by Afropop Worldwide’s Executive Producer Sean Barlow in collaboration with Afropop Worldwide’s expert field producers—Ned Sublette, Marlon Bishop, and Alex Wolfe—we focus on the awesome music of the Afro-Latin world.

These songs are featured in Afropop Worldwide’s specially curated four-part selection of historically based programs designed to help stations—carrying and non-carrying—celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15–Oct. 15) and some of the outstanding musical moments of the pan-Latin world, north and south of the border. Contact your PRX rep to pick up this series at no cost. Time’s a-wasting! Favorite Barackaism: “Si, se puede!” Si, como no?

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Bad Bunny w/Drake, "Mia" (Puerto Rico and Canada)

Luis Vargas, "Veneno" (Dominican Republic)

Ismael Rivera, "Quitate De La Via Perico" (Puerto Rico)

Pete Rodriguez Orchestra, "I Like It Like That" (A Mi Gusta Asi) (U.S.)

Ray Barretto, "The Soul Drummers" (U.S.)

Beny Moré y Su Banda Gigante, "Santa Isabel" (Cuba)

Ismael Rivera, "Me Negrita Me Espera" (Puerto Rico)

Celso Pina, "Cumbia Poder" (Mexico)

Los Wawanco, "Chacalon" (Peruvian chi cha music)

Africando, "Ya Ye Boy" (Senegal and U.S.)

Joe Cuba, "Bang Bang" (U.S.)

Olatunji, "Engine Room" (Trinidad)

Sabo & Casady, "La Carura" (Cuba)

Antony Santos, "Voy Pa'lla" (Dominican Republic)

Joanito Soriano, "Que Pasara Manyana" (Dominican Republic)

    Africando, "Donni Donni" (Senegal and U.S.)

    Orchestre Baobab, "Utrus Horas" (Senegal)

    A.B. Quintanila III and Kumbia All Stars, "Pachuco" (Texas)

    Chacalon y La Nueva Crema, "A Trabajar" (Peru)

    Alex Cumbe , "Fui Fua" (Haiti/Dominican Republic)

    Luis Vargas (Dominican Republic), "El Macho"

    Gilberto Cruz (Puerto Rico), "Chanchullo"

    Johnny Colon, "Bugalu Blues" (U.S.)

    Beny Moré (Cuba), "Francisco Guayabal"

    Luis Vargas (Dominican Republic), "El Tomate"

    Perez Prado (Cuba), "Babarabtiri"

    Orchestre Baobab (Senegal), "Warente Serigne"

    Stalin (Trinidad), "Black Man Feeling to Party"

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