Blog March 18, 2020
Quarantunes: Roberto Fonseca Live at Joe's Pub

Roberto Fonseca was all set to play at Manhattan's Joe's Pub when it became clear that that would be a bad idea, so instead, Saturday, the Cuban pianist and his trio recorded themselves in a high quality video that can bring the intimacy of Joe's Pub to everyone without the risk of infection—or a ticket price.

Can you believe it was just a week ago that the NBA called off the season and we found out that Tom Hanks had coronavirus? In a rare instance in which everyone should try NOT to do as Tom Hanks has done and contract or possibly spread COVID-19, a week later we are holing up at home, cancelling concerts, travel and basically any other plans, and washing our hands like our lives depend on it.

With all the revenue that artists are missing because they can't perform live, now is a great time to support them by hitting up their or their label's online store and grabbing some merch. Bandcamp, for one, is not collecting its normal 10-15 percent commission on sales on Friday, so you can shop there—for vinyl, digital releases or merchandise like posters or t-shirts—and know that artists you love are getting even more than usual from it. Just, you know, be patient if you're waiting for something to be shipped.

As for us, we're combing Youtube and coming across other full-length concerts from some of our favorite artists, so keep an eye on this space and your hands away from your face.

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