Blog March 20, 2020
Quarantunes: Sona Jobarteh in Weimar, July 2015

I'll admit that some of the excitement of it being a Friday is sort of lost when we all have to stay home every day but it IS still Friday! Hurray! I think it's probably important to do something special to mark the passage of time, so tonight, why not bust out a board game or dim the lights and enjoy a front-row seat to a performance by Sona Jobarteh and her band.

For today's Quarantune, we've come almost all the way back to the present and the higher quality audio and video that we enjoy in the 21st century, which is perfect for an artist with the touch and subtlety of Jobarteh.

Even among West African kora maestros, Jobarteh stands out. She comes from a long line of griot kora players in Gambia, a royal lineage. But she isn't overly bound by tradition—she studied cello and Western composition in the U.K., plays guitar and sings in her own manner.

Banning sat down with Sona for an interview last fall, so she can fill you in on her journey in her own words.

Today's concert is really top shelf stuff, so enjoy it! We'll be back with you next week with more great concerts, so stay inside and keep washing those hands!

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