Blog June 12, 2020
Quarantunes: Zap Mama at Home

I haven't seen any official surveys on the subject, but my suspicion is that most of us, myself most of all, have spent our quarantines in our pajamas, and haven't given too much thought to what we'll wear to protests (it's, you know, completely beside the point).

But Zap Mama, the “Afropean” group led by Congo-born singer Marie Daulne, is more stylish than we are. Just check out this at-home concert, which, naturally is also a fashion show.

Recorded in the Zap Mama basement, you can hear the evolution of a group that started as an a cappella ensemble in the '80s, influenced by Central African pygmy music, into the cosmopolitan melding of styles you can hear today.

The clothes are looking good—I mean, they wouldn't look good on me, but there's some flair there. Judging from the company that Zap Mama have been known to keep, I was maybe expecting some feathers or some other type of flair...

Have a good weekend; stay safe.

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