Blog December 7, 2018
Red Bull’s Massive Spanish-Language Rap Battle Hits Sunday

The thirsty, fatigued people of the world have allowed Red Bull to send a man to edge of the atmosphere and name New York’s soccer team, so naturally the energy-drink behemoth is also sponsoring a big rap battle this weekend.

On Sun., Dec. 9 at 4 p.m. ET, 16 emcees will gather in Buenos Aires for a free streamed, free-style competition. Although still unknown internationally, these rappers fought their way though their national competitions in Panama, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and elsewhere across the Spanish-speaking world to earn their place at the 2018 Red Bull Batalla de Los Gallos—“battle of the roosters.”

The judges, past champions of the competition, are Duki, Dtoke, Skone and Hadrian, and also Omega, the Chilean rapper behind the GOD LEVEL FEST hip-hop festival. It’s hard to picture anything that relies on local slang and personality as deeply as a free-style battle, so these judges, who have to compare rappers from 13 different countries and three continents, have their work cut out for them.

Check out the stream on Sunday below, or a video about the history of the competition here.

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