Blog January 2, 2015
Sahel Sounds Drops End-of-Year Mix

2014 was full of dope mixes, and before it could come to a close, Chris Kirkley at Sahel Sounds gave us one more. His year-end mix is an outstanding collection of old and new tracks, capping off what was a very productive year for him. Kirkley also filmed Akounak, a Tamashek “remake” of Purple Rain, and put out the debut album by the film's star Mdou Moctar.

The new mix is an eclectic look at past and future sounds of the Sahel. Mdou Moctar leads off with sizzling guitar from the soundtrack of the yet-to-be-released Akounak. Some of the mix's highlights, though, are from years past, including “Salamatu 1997” by rad organ master Mammane Sani and, perhaps best of all, the spectacular Mauritanian disco track “Timboctou No. 1” by '80s superstar Yacine Nana.

2015, you have big shoes to fill... mix-wise. You can also download the whole thing over here.

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