Blog February 13, 2015
Samba at the Dawn of Modern Brazil
Be one of the first to test drive a groundbreaking multimedia education initiative for lifelong learners that celebrate the story of Brazil through the lens of music! Back in 2012, the Hip Deep series of public radio’s nationally distributed Afropop Worldwide traveled back in time to early 20th century Rio de Janeiro to explore the birth of Brazil’s most iconic music: samba. Rio 1: Samba at the Dawn of Modern Brazil begins with the arrival in Rio of poor Afro-Brazilian migrants from the Northeast in the late 19th century and later follows the exploits of the early sambistas as they forge the genre that would come to represent the nation. estacio_velho_estacio_3__2013-09-23165135 Today, Hip Deep brings you Samba at the Dawn of Modern Brazil: A Resource Guide, an exciting new set of Web resources designed to accompany and enhance Rio 1 with multimedia features that focus on history, music, art, religion and other subjects. Follow the story of samba on a timeline of events that charts the germination and blossoming of Rio’s signature sound. From selected timeline events, you can link to resource pages that will let you listen to songs, watch videos, see rare photographs, and read more.

Afropop needs nine participants each day for Sat.-Sun., Feb. 22-23 in Washington D.C. to help us by exploring the site and giving us feedback on its features and usability.

Desfile das escolas de samba com chuva. Rio de Janeiro, 6 de março de 1973.

We will be pleased to thank everyone participating in the testing with a choice CD from Afropop Worldwide!

Venue: The Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital, 921 Pennsylvania Ave. S.E., Washington, DC 20003   Time:  1:30 p.m., Sat., Feb. 21 and 1:30 p.m., Sun., Feb. 22. To participate contact Donelle Blubaugh at 

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