Blog January 3, 2011
Scholar: Héctor Fernández-L'Hoeste

Héctor Fernández-L'Hoeste (Ph.D. in Hispanic Languages and Literature, Stony Brook University 1996) is associate professor at Georgia State University in Atlanta, where he teaches Latin American cultural studies. He is the director of the Center for Latin American and Latino/a Studies (CLALS) at Georgia State. His publications include Narrativas de representación urbana (Lang, 1998), Rockin' Las Americas (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2004), and Redrawing The Nation (Palgrave Macmillan, 2009). His articles on Latin American culture, literature, and media have appeared in journals such as Hispania, National Identities, Chasqui, Revista de Estudios Hispánicos, Revista de Estudios Colombianos, and Film Quarterly.

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