Blog July 27, 2015
New Book on Peru From Sounds and Colours
After releasing two terrific books on music and culture in Colombia and Brazil, Sounds and Colours has turned to another South American country with a fascinating history and vibrant music scene: Peru. The 200-page book contains articles on everything from the roots of chicha, to the sacred music of ayahuasca shamans, to Afro-Peruvian culture. Contributors to the book include Sounds and Colours editor Russell Slater and Barbès owner Olivier Conan, along with inside players in the Peruvian music scene like Sucio Records' owner Renato Rodríguez Durand. The book also includes gorgeous photographs of the Takanakuy celebration in the Andes and the incredible “El Picaro del Arpa” mural in Lima, a DVD of 13 music videos filmed throughout Peru by Vincent Moon, and a CD of new Peruvian music. The compilation features some familiar names, like electro-cumbia act Animal Chuki and psychedelic pop group Kanuka y El Tigre. There are also previously unreleased tracks by classic cumbia revivalists Los Chapillacs, and Brazilian producer Pigmalião, who used samples from Moon’s short film on the Afro-Peruvian music of Zaña that was featured on the Sounds and Colours DVD. Check out that track below:

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