Blog December 16, 2014
Steel Pulse Releases Eric Garner/Michael Brown Protest Track
From the first, the music of U.K. reggae legend Steel Pulse has included a righteous political message. So while it may not come as a surprise that the band has a released a track in response to the racial protest that has roiled the U.S. in recent months, it is certainly a welcome addition to the musical conversation. Sonically, "Hands Up I Can't Breathe" shows that the band hasn't lost a step since its '80s heyday. Singing over an immersively in-the-pocket groove, David Hinds puts himself in the places of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, begging the police "not to shoot," and repeating "I'm trapped and I cannot breathe air," as the band churns around him. We've heard rumors that Steel Pulse is working on an album for 2015, and if the strength of this track is any indication, that would definitely be something to look out for. Check it out!

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