Discography January 30, 2009
Discography: The Mandé Diaspora In New York City, Part 1
Here is a list of albums heard in Afropop Worldwide's The Mandé Diaspora In New York CIty, Part 1:
Balla Tounkara, Balla Kouyate "Malifoly" (Self Produced 2002) Abdoulaye "Djoss" Diabaté "Sara" (Completely Nuts Records 2009) Foday Musa Suso "The Dreamtime" (CMP Records 1990) Papa Susso "Tradition Kora Music From Gambia" (Respite Records 2002) Various artists "Badenya" --Manden Jaliya in New York City (Smithsonian Folkways 2002) Papa Susso "Kayes Jali Naana" : Featuring Adjaratou Tapa Demba (Sissoko) (Life in Rhythm Media 2008) Salif Keita "Ko-yan" (Island 1989) Various artists "Ancient Strings" (Buda Musique 1970) Balla Kouyate, World Vision "Sababu" (Self Produced 2007) Mamadou Diabaté "Tunga" (Alula Records 2000) Mamadou Diabaté "Douga Mansa" (Modiba/World Village 2008) Famoro Dioubate, Kakande "Dununya" (Jumbie Records 2008) Keba Bobo Cissoko "Dougougna Boukalon" (Blue Monster Records 2003) Also look for these recommended titles. Baye Kouyate "Danama" (Self Produced 2008) Salieu Susso "Griot" (Lyrichord) Fula Flute "Fula Flute" (Blue Monster Records 2002) Fula Flute "Mansa America" (Completely Nuts Records 2008) Source w/ Abdoulaye Diabate "Tonight's African Jazz Band" (Completely Nuts Records 2006)

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