Blog January 5, 2017
Tosin Aribisala Asks: "What Are We Gonna Do?" in New Single

Nigerian music composer, vocalist/percussionist Tosin Aribisala is no newcomer to the music scene. He is primarily known as a master drummer with a tight groove and has performed, recorded and toured around the world with big names like Taj Mahal, Baaba Maal, Spyro Gyra, Femi Kuti and a long list of others.

As a bandleader, Tosin continues to perform and tour internationally. He has recorded four albums so far. He says, “My music is a mixture of African rhythmic idioms and elements of jazz and blues, with lyrics of hope and human realities.”

With his new single, “What Are We Gonna Do?” Tosin does not stray from these words, expressing his disapproval of the world’s social problems, injustice and inequality. The song starts with percussion and bass, welcoming a compelling drum rhythm. Melodious keys and a prominent horn section add more depth to the groove of the song.

Tosin’s vocals enter with backing singers singing harmoniously, “aye ooo (meaning "this life" or "this world"), what are we gonna do, where are we gonna go?” which develops into a call and response. Tosin continues, “What are we gonna do, where are we gonna go, to find peace and justice and love in this world?” The triumphant horns come in again, followed by a keyboard solo played with dexterity and after a few bars a trumpet solo follows, delivered with  much sincerity.

The groove of this song is contagious, the arrangement is great, and all through the song you can feel the bass drum touch your heart.

Click here to purchase the single or it stream on Spotify.

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