Blog June 23, 2015
Tsapiky Homecoming
Tsapiky (tsa-PEEK) is the exhilarating, electric guitar-driven dance music from southwest Madagascar. A mix of South African pop and local Malagasy traditions, it is a modern sound, but one that has worked its way deeply into the region’s traditional culture. In recent decades tsapiky has largely replaced older folkloric styles as the music of choice at important ceremonies—typically funerals—at which extended families gather and party together for days on end. [embed][/embed] In spring 2014, Afropop was fortunate to be in Tulear when one of the greatest tsapiky guitarist/bandleaders, Damily, performed a free outdoor concert for the locals, his first show there in 14 years. Tsapiky Homecoming, a video created by filmmaker Michal Shapiro and the Afropop team, tells the story of the music, the man (Damily), and this remarkable concert.  Enjoy!

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