Features April 29, 2021
Video Clips from “Dakar Muse”

Youssou N’Dour: “Bukki Yi” from Le Gran Ball

Tarba Mbaye: “Xalé Bi”

Viviane Chidid: “Tere Doundou”

Pape Diouf: “Yaw La Mbeuguel”

Pape Diouf: “Far West Africa”

Sidy Diop: “Yeunguel”

Adiouza: “Madame Bonheur”

Sidy Samb: “Sopeyi”

DIP Doundou Guiss: “Free Senegal”

Daara J Family: “TchéKoulé”

Thione Seck: “Diaga”

Wally Seck, “Sante Yalla”

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