Blog April 10, 2015
Wanlov Drops New Afro-Gypsy Tracks

Last time we checked in with Wanlov Da Kubulor, the barefoot, free spirited member of Fokn Bois was addressing inequality and lost car keys in front of adoring fans in Accra. Yesterday, Wanlov blessed the world with 10 new tracks from his Afro-Gypsy band. Wanlov, who is half-Romanian, explained his previous work with the ensemble: “Chale, I am rapping and singing on traditional African drums blended with Transylvanian violins and it feels bloody good…Dracula and Idi Amin would both be proud.” This project comes just as Wanlov’s Fokn Bois partner M3NSA has unveiled his own new group, RedRed, with Hungarian electronic producer ELO.

While RedRed has a futuristically polished dance sound and features star MC Sarkodie on their new track “Ghetto,” Wanlov’s new tracks have a carnivalesque, almost baroque feeling to them. Musically, Wanlov is backed by Transylvanian violin and African fiddle, Romanian cimbalom and Ghanaian xylophone. He brings the two musical cultures together, while also drawing attention to the shared plight of Roma in Europe and impoverished people of Africa. On “Human Being,” he sings soulfully, “All we want is a little piece of bread and mind, but it’s so hard to get, so hard to get, so hard to get. Born into this world just like you, but I don’t have a say, don’t have a say, don’t have a say. When gunmen come to split up my family, I pray, ‘Please go away, please go away, please go away.’” The very next track, “Veverita” sounds like it belongs in a surreal and possibly deranged circus performance (that is a compliment, by the way). Wanlov’s world is never less than entertaining and this collection of tracks is a welcome gateway into his unique and hilariously twisted mind. Enjoy!

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