Blog October 20, 2016
Watch Davido and Tinashe's New Video: "How Long"
Maybe it's a page out of Kim and Kanye's playbook, or maybe it's just something Davido knew instinctively, but the American-born Nigerian artist just proved yet again that, if your song is good enough, all you really need for the video is a motorcycle. Of course, a beautiful backdrop and a co-star couldn't hurt. Davido's latest single, “How Long,” features the vocal talent from Tinashe, who seems to have a growing pantheon of collaborators. She's already worked with Young Thug and Chris Brown on two other singles this year, in preparation for her own album release, Joyride, scheduled to be out this year. Working with Davido is especially cool, as they're both children of African immigrants—Davido's parents are Nigerian and Tinashe's father is from Zimbabwe. It's also pretty cool that she gets to ride around on a big beautiful horse. “How Long” is from Davido's new EP, Son of Mercy, which officially drops Oct. 21. That EP is his first project since signing to the massive Sony Music. This move might signal a few things: Davido is trying to broaden his appeal to a wider American and European audience or African pop music is at the cutting edge of the global music industry--probably both. This track definitely reflects that change, departing from the distinct Afrobeats rhythms that dominate African airwaves, bringing in rhythm and instrumentation from the r&b side of house music and Tinashe's sultry pop vocals. The song lives up to its cool black-and-white aesthetics—a glossy production with an open, easy, day-on-the-beach feeling, and a shimmering catchy chorus. The song really wouldn't sound out of place on American r&b radio. It'll be interesting to see if Tinashe's rising star attracts more attention to Davido.

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