Blog April 24, 2019
Video: Coladera’s "La Dótu Lado"

It should be hard to place Coladera and their sound. They’re three musicians from across the Lusaphone world--Brazilian singer/guitarist Vitor Santana from Bela Horizonte; Portuguese singer/guitarist Joao Pires and percussionist Miroca Paris from Cape Verde. The title track, "La Dotu Lado" from their new album demonstrates the deep compatibility and shared history of their respective homelands' musical styles. But credit where credit's due, these guys know what they're doing.

Check it out right here, and marvel at the difficulty of dancing like that on sand:

"In Brazil there is a lot of DNA from Cape Verde. You can find this DNA in many rhythms,” Santana said. “One of them is coladeira. It's a little bit samba, a little bit Bahia. Cape Verde is in the middle.”

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