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Win Tickets to Tal National and Super Yamba Band

The world’s favorite Nigerien rock ’n’ roll band, Tal National, returns to the U.S. following the release of their new album, Tantabara, on Feb. 9.  For New Yorkers, the group will perform at Littlefield, Brooklyn on Fri., Feb. 23, presented by the World Music Institute as part of its “Counterpoint” concert series, which “presents contemporary artists who push the boundaries of what ‘world music’ can mean as cultural divisions become less prominent in the 21st century.” Tal National’s makeup and sound fit precisely in this series. The band is made up of five incredible musicians from all of Niger’s major ethnic groups, giving the group incredible linguistic, cultural and stylistic diversity. They incorporate contemporary drum patterns on a drum set with traditional sounds of the talking drum and the powerful vocals of lead singer Souleymane. On top of this rhythmic and vocal foundation are killer guitar riffs reminiscent of rock ’n’ roll--of course, in a purely West African sense. Take a listen:

Their sound is live and bound to get you moving and dancing all your troubles away. This band has been known to perform across the Sahara, playing five-hour sets seven days a week, so we imagine there will be no lack of energy at this show.

Joining Tal National on Feb. 9 will be Brooklyn Afro-funksters Kaleta and Super Yamba Band, fronted by legendary Afrobeat veteran Leon Ligan-Majek, A.K.A. Kaleta. Kaleta is a skilled composer, singer, guitarist, percussionist and producer whose music is informed by his roots in Benin and Lagos, Nigera, the birthplace of Afrobeat.

Here’s your chance to win a pair of tickets to this lively performance! All you have to do to enter is sign up for our newsletter here and send an email to with “Tal National 2018” in the subject line. If you’ve already subscribed to our newsletter (thank you!), just send an email to Good luck!

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