Blog November 1, 2012
Womex 2012
There was too much going on at Afropop this fall to make it to WOMEX 2012 in Greece. Fortunately we heard direct reports from trusted colleagues, including our man Dmitri Vietze, head of the eclectic PR firm, Rock Paper Scissors. Here are some of Dmitri's favorite artists at WOMEX 2012 "Axel Krygier (Argentina), different every minute but one moment was heavy metal Devo with electrified cumbia, but in a good way." "Mokoomba (Zimbabwe) was a crowd favorite alternating between tight and groovy Zimbabwean melodies and a very original sound that also had a soft side led by an amazing male singer with energetic dance moves." "Canalon de Timbiqui, Afro-Colombian percussion, marimba, and vocals, beautiful women singers." "Anibal Velasquez y su Conjunto (Colombia), rapid fire accordion-driven guaracha and Musica Tropical with supertight percussion and visually delightful band made up with guys you wish were your crazy uncles." "Terakaft, (Mali), of course!" The Brazilian group Graveola (newly signed to Mais um Discos records) conjure up a fresh take on some classic sounds. Did you go? Who did YOU see? Let us know!

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