Blog October 27, 2016
WOMEX 2016 Recommendations
The 16th annual edition of WOMEX (World Music Expo) in Spain concluded last weekend on Oct. 23. Hundreds of artists and over 2,000 delegates from all over the world—broadcasters, presenters, record labels, others—convened for networking, marketing, and to scout the various showcased acts. We asked a few of our long-term friends and colleagues to give us their top five performers. See links at bottom to follow up. Rob Lokin, Artistic Director, Afrika Festival, Netherlands
  1. Trio Da Kali (Mali)
  2. Jupiter and Okwess (DR Congo)
  3. Nakany Kanté (Guinée)
  4. Derek Gripper (South Africa)
  5. Mali Blues (film directed by Lutz Gregor)
  Simon Broughton, Editor of Songlines magazine
  1. Puerto Candelabra (Colombia)
  2. Narf and Timbila Muzimba (Mozambique)
  3. Tuuletar (Finland)
  4. Derek Gripper (South Africa)
  5. Black String (South Korea)
  Paula Abreu, Associate Director, Programming, SummerStage, NYC
  1. Delgres (Guadeloupe and France)
  2. Bargou 08 (Tunisia)
  3. Jupiter and Okwess (Democratic Republic of Congo)
  4. H.A.T. (Morocco)
  5. DJ Satelite (Angola/Portugal)
  6. Anelis Assumpção (Brazil)
  Jon Kertzer, radio host, "Music of Africa" KBCS-Seattle
  1. Trio Da Kali (Mali)
  2. Jupiter and Okwess International (Congo)
  3. Calypso Rose with Kobo Town (Trinidad/Tobago/Canada)
  4. Derek Gripper (South Africa)
  5. Quinteto Bataraz (Argentina)
  Jacob Edgar, President of Cumbancha Records and the head of research at Putumayo World Music, among other things.
  1. Calypso Rose (Trinidad)
  2. Xabier Diaz  (Galicia) Spain
  3. H’Sao (Chad)
  4. Gisele João (Portugal)
  5. Bixiga 70 (Brazil)
  Bill Bragin, Executive Artistic Director, NYU Arts Center, Dubai; co-founder of globalFEST
  1. Bargou 08 (Tunisia)
  2. Vassnik (Sami artist from Norway)
  3. Niño el Beche (Spain)
  4. Delgres (Guadeloupe and France)
  5. Oligarkh (Russia)

For details on the artists, go to: or to see live at WOMEX 2016 videos, visit their YouTube page.

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