Blog August 2, 2017
Photo Gallery: World Sacred Music Festival 2017
In May, we returned to Fes, Morocco for the 23rd annual World Sacred Music Festival, 13 years after our first visit. The event hosted a dazzling array of music from across the globe, spanning the spectrum of sacred and secular. You can hear all about that festival in our recent program, The Festival in Fes: World Sacred Music Festival, Revisited. Here is a visual guide to the festival to accompany your listening experience. You'll see pop music at Place Boujloud, Sufi music at Dar Tazi, innovative fusion music at Dar Adiyel, Chinese opera and Malian-flavored flamenco at the magnificent Bab Makina. At the lakeside stage at the Jnan Sbil gardens, there's Kuwaiti pearl-diving music, interpretations of indigenous Amazonian songs, Cretan folk music and an emotive French pianist. After the festival, we traveled to the zaouia of Gnawa master Maalem Abdelkader Amlil, a small room in his home where he gathers with friends to play Gnawa and talk. On our way out of Morocco, we stopped by the massive Mawazine Festival in Rabat, where we caught a show from the famous Tobagonian singer Calypso Rose on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy!
All photos by Sebastian Bouknight

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